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Summer Jobs for Kids

Summer jobs are invaluable. They are not only a source of pocket money for teens but, also an opportunity for them to understand what responsibility is and how to manage money. Kids are never too young to understand responsibility and money management. The earlier they understand it, the better for them and the family. Summer jobs make them responsible towards their work, helping them realize its importance. What kids learn from the experience of summer jobs is invaluable. The vital part is to learn to enjoy the work they do, that is to earn while having fun. Listed below are few summer job ideas that your child may find interesting.


Babysitting is a popular job option for teens. There are various courses that institutes offer where one can even get babysitting certificates, for example, the Red Cross offers babysitters classes for 11 to 15 year olds. Another better option is to become your mother's helper. This way the child can learn the most of the babysitting tricks from the mother itself. The child helps parents in their household duties or babysitting while parents are still at home. The work involved is:
  • Play with younger ones while mom is busy with other work
  • Help in laundry and doing the dishes
  • Prepare light meals
Car Wash

Car wash is the coolest summer job. People usually are ready to get their car washed from a kid and pay, rather than getting a costly commercial car wash. Get a group of friends and hold car washes on weekends. Get the things that you will need, like, bucket, window cleaner, towels, car soaps, etc. Teens can charge anything between 5 dollars (small cars) to 10 dollars (trucks etc). This job can get a little more extra bucks than babysitting.

Pet Care

If your child loves playing with animals, pet caring is the right summer job for him / her. But, it also requires a lot of patience and energy, to control the pets. The jobs in this category include pet grooming, walking dogs or pet sitting. Walking or feeding a dog will help the child learn some responsibility.

Yard Work

Yard work is another very popular choice with teenagers because one not only learns the tricks of gardening, but it also gets more money than any other summer job. Commercial yard mowing services charge around 100 dollars for half an acre, which is too costly, but a teen can easily earn upto 25 – 30 dollars for half an acre. No gardening equipment is required, as people generally provide all the needed tools and material for gardening. The work may include:
  • Weeding
  • Raking the trimmings for trash collection
  • Cleaning old leaves from plants
  • Watering plants
Some Other Ideas for Summer Jobs for Teens
  • Holding a lemonade stall
  • If the child is a good student, he can help other younger kids with reading or math
  • Delivering newspapers and mails in the neighborhood
  • Wearing clown costumes in birthday parties
Few Tips for Success For Kids
  • Always give your best
  • Be courteous
  • Work hard
  • A good job done may get you referrals for additional work
  • Never whine
No advertising is needed. The best way to make people know that your child is available for work in summer is by word of mouth. Other ways of advertising can be through local newspapers and web sites. Parents should know where the child is working and ensure that their child is safe.
By Sourabh Gupta

Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Make Money Internet Blogging

How To Make Money Internet Blogging

One good online business is the business of providing people with information free of charge. Now this may seem contradictory, but stick with me here because I'm going to show you how to make money internet blogging. To provide people with free information you don't have to know anything about the particular topic beforehand, but you will need to create uncomplicated websites to pass the information on.
Because research on the internet today is so easy, with a plethora of information at your fingertips, you can learn everything you need to know about any topic you choose within minutes. You can then set up a simple website discussing that subject. If you choose the right subjects - those that don't already have too many other websites, search engines such as Google will start sending traffic your way, and that's where the money comes from.
The easiest way to make a profit from blogs is to install ads on each site from which you get paid for each time someone clicks on them. Alternatively, you might get paid per purchase that occurs from a click through on your site. This usually pays a percentage of the total sale from the vendor. You can find vendors seeking to market their products this way (called "affiliate marketing") by going to an affiliate marketing site where vendors register. After that you will spend most of your time researching the best topics to write about and creating web pages for them. You can easily learn how to do this online as well.
Certainly one of the easiest ways to set up a website for informational purposes is to set up a Blog. You've heard about blogging? Well - a blog is a website that is posted in journal-style, with the newest entries first. You can blog about anything you want - including your super-selling topic. For instance, if you wanted to be an Affiliate Marketer for a heartburn product, you would set up a blog about heartburn and acid reflux. It would discuss the topics people are searching for, such as stomach acid, burning pain after meals, and sour taste in the mouth. It would also discuss ineffective remedies, risks of leaving the condition untreated, etc. You could easily create a site on this topic just by doing a little research - online.
You now have a couple of different ways to generate income through blogging. First is by allowing other sites to post ads on your blog. When you do this, you get paid a fee every time someone clicks on their ad from your site (pay-per-click). Or, you can sign up to be an Affiliate Marketer through one of the sites mentioned earlier and seed your blog with links to those products or services. In that case you normally receive a percentage of each sale generated from a click through your site. Either way, it's money in your pocket.
In addition to these two methods, some bloggers sell links from their pages to other websites. In other words, other companies pay bloggers just to put a link to their websites in their blogs. To do this, most bloggers use an online company to assist them. Their service is free to use and their company will sell the ads for you. You get paid monthly for your services here.
How much money a person can make internet blogging is really up to them. It's an investment of time and energy. Some people make in excess of $500,000 annually, and some don't make anything. Most people, with a moderate amount of effort, could make at least $1,000 a month in this business. There are many people whose sole income is internet blogging.
Creating simple websites, including blogs, is probably the simplest method for making money online for beginners. If you want to move into more difficult methods of making money online, we suggest you begin here. You can even begin by researching affiliate programs just to make your life simpler. A great resource to learn more about how to make money internet blogging is with marketer trade
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Monday, November 26, 2012

How Free Classified Sites Make Money

How Free Classified Sites Make Money

As a former marketing executive for a popular classified ad website, I was often faced with the question "how do free classified sites make money?" My response to them was always the same, it is summed up in one word; Traffic. Free products or services generate traffic and traffic equals money. 
The more traffic that a site can attract, the more money advertisers are willing to pay to receive some of the attention that is generated by that site. for instance generates well over 100 million views per month. Even though doesn't allow commercial advertisers to promote banner ads on their site, they do charge a fee for certain options in certain categories. For example, in 2011 the site made approximately $96 million in the job recruiter category, $13 million in the real estate category, and $6 million in the therapeutic massage category. This is not even calculating the money that was being made by them in the Erotic categories that they had in previous years. Some estimates were conservatively estimated at around $50 million per year before they shut it down. is another great example, this website has established profit centers all through out its lay out. The company charges a small fee for use of its personals section which conveniently reduces the amount of spam received in that category. According to them, this allows the visitor to have a more quality experience. They also have an adult category that generates income for the site and I assume will add millions of dollars to their bottom line in the near future (if not already). Many classified sites like also charge a fee within the automotive, real estate, and job section. Basically, once the volume of visitors to a classified site is at a certain level, there is plenty of money to be made! Making money for a free classified ad website is accomplish able but definitely not easy. 
It can take years of marketing and promoting for these sites to generate the kind of traffic that it takes in order to turn a profit. However, once established it is very easy to create several profit centers within a classified ad website due to the multitude of categories and subcategories that exist. they have the option to just pick a popular category within the site, stamp a price on it and watch the money flow in.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Make Money By Posting Links For Google

How to Make Money By Posting Links For Google

This has been pop out on the internet in recent times. Webmasters get paid with Google adsense when an ad is being clicked. For the ad to be clicked, you need to have an account and you need to have inserted adsense code into site. This code is what displays the ad on your site. By displaying the ads or putting in the code in your site is how you make money by posting links for Google


1. You need to get a blog. You can get a free or self hosted blog. A self hosted blog is better because it give you more freedom to do what you want to do with your site.

2. Put content on the site. You need content on the site for the adsense to work properly. The content can be of any niche, but adsense works better if you write about only one niche. For instance, if your site is about how to make money online, don't deviate and write about how to be a better student.

3. Apply for an adsense account. Adsense now require you to have a website running before you get approved as an adsense publisher.

Tips & Warnings

You need traffic to succeed with adsense. Don't think you would start making a lot of money immediately. Right now, you would make money, but it would be pennies. Your site needs to be the first for your niche to be able to do that

Don't buy any Google's kit. There is no need to spend your money about posting for Google because all the information about making money is free oline.

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